Institut Pemikiran Tun Mahathir Mohamad (IPDM)/Mahathir Mohamad Institute of Thoughts  is a centre of research, consultancy and training towards national development agenda, especially to assess the implementation of development programmes in the Northern Region involving UUM’s diverse expertise.

Collaterally the centre is to undertake the tasks to help realize the UUM vision of “Eminent Management University”.

Establish from Cabinet letter dated 30th July 2003 to become Higher Education Excellence Center (H-CoE).



IPDM is to function as a reference centre for the vision and thoughts of all Prime Minisiters of Malaysia  and national figures. It is also responsible for examining and analysing ideas that could be espoused by the present and the future generations. The initiation of this Institute is also a move towards honouring the efforts of nation’s leaders.



  • Research Community Development

  • Leadership & Training



  • Leadership & Institutional Building

  • Creative & Media Management

  • Education Development

  • Smart Digital Opportunities

  • Kedah Community Development & Socio-Cultural

  • Law & Governance

  • International Relations, Security & Regional

  • Economic And Financial Analysis & Policy



To become the leading praxis centre for nation development in elevating and sustaining shared prosperity.


Note: Definition of praxis: The act of engaging, applying, exercising, realizing of practising ideas.


To work collaboratively and inclusively in achieving shared prosperity locally & internationally.

  • To be a center for research, education and training at post-graduate level in relation of thought, discourse, leadership and national policies;

  • To be a center for consultation, and the main reference collection of thoughts, discourse, leadership and national policies;

  • To be a training center for leadership, thought and nation building;

  • To examine and analyze of thoughts, discourse, leadership, and national policies so as to be espoused by the present and the future generations;

  • To provide input for the formulation of the national resilience policies and implementation; and

  • To commercialize the IPDM activities to generate income to the University.


Toward realising the University's vision to be a Management University of world-class standing, and in line with its motto "KNOWLEDGE, VIRTUE, SERVICE", and with God Almighty's blessing, we hereby pledge with complete resolve and commitment, to honour our clients rights as follows:


To the Students

  • To provide education, facilities, and the best management system based on the established standards.


 To the Staff

 To provide students who are capable.

  • To provide the best facilities to aid work procedures; and

  • To give appropriate incentives and opportunities to expand knowledge with justice for staff development and progress.


To the Nation

 To provide potential human resource to meet the nation's needs.

  • To provide training, research, and consultancy services to promote the growth and development of knowledge.