UUM ONLINE: The fun of working is one of the important elements that will make staff become more productive in driving the success of an organisation.

The Chairman of the University Board of Directors (LPU), Tan Sri Dr. Mohd Shukor Mahfar said the joy at the workplace can often be seen in the staff when they exhibit cheerfulness, comfort and serenity when performing their tasks which will ultimately improve the quality of work and productivity.

"Happiness makes you more productive but being a workaholic makes us become less productive. When a person is not in the mood and become stressed out, nothing gets done.

He shared his leadership style and experiences while at the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) as the Chief Executive Officer in 2011. He successfully transformed the IRB’s image, reputation and performance. He was speaking at a specially held lecture in conjunction with the Independence Month Celebration: Leadership Excellence in Facing Current Challenges at the SOIS Auditorium recently.

According to him, many of those in charge wished to change the culture but did not know what to change and where to begin.

He said, after working for 36 years and working for various types of bosses or employers, as an employer, one must be a great motivator who will inspire, support, appreciate and take care of the welfare of staff.

"Being a Boss at the office is similar to being a teacher. Teachers always want their students to be better than them, so practice three things, namely be open-minded, be a good listener and have good impression of others.

"When staff become motivated, they will consider us as heroes, they will then mobilize with us to carry out the mission, the negativity will slowly diminish," he said.

He also added that to produce innovative staff, employers should give them freedom, opportunities and new platforms for them to thrive.

He further reiterated that being an effective leader requires the right attitude which in turn will help develop exemplary behaviour and in the end evolve to become a culture.